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Maybe use these. Either very cheap or free. Similar to the French Aires book. The Britstops guide is a professional publication and a lot of effort has gone into making it easy to use. Great Britain is divided into 9 areas: Southwest England, Southeast England, East Anglia, Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands, Northwest England, Northeast England, Scotland. The island of Ireland / Eire is divided into 4 areas: Ulster, Leinster, Munster, Connacht. Each section starts with a clear map showing the approximate location of each of the stopovers. Stopovers are listed four to a page, with clear symbols indicating the number of places, whether large motorhomes are accepted, any facilities available such as water or waste disposal, etc. The address, post code and phone number of each location is given, there is a paragraph of information about the hosts, and clear directions to the location.

To go to their site please click HERE Its £28 per annum P&P, use it twice and you have covered the cost


Maybe use these. Very useful and cheap within Europe (as and when post Covid we can travel) There are a few in the UK, mostly in the south around the coast, we have used quite a few. The book, map and additional ACSI members card help. That card in Europe can be left as security when booking into the site rather than leaving your somewhat precious Passport, just a thought. Roughly €14 per annum and €4 for the card.

To go to their site please click HERE


Maybe use these. Very plentiful and of a consistent good standard within the UK, split between main sites and Certified Locations (CL) where upto 5 pitches are available per field, often in farmers fields but not exclusively so. Main sites ae generally about £28 per night for 2 and a van, CLs much much cheaper. You get a book and a map, we have stayed in loads. Love them, wish there were more, indeed friends of ours are wardens. PS they own the Alan Rogers guides.

To go to their site please click HERE

AIRES (Europe)

Maybe use these. Good night stops of various sizes, quanity and quality. A great place for Motorhomers to get these is Vicarious Books here in the UK, based in Kent and very nice helpful people.

To go to their site please click HERE


You may like these, "Adult Only" and quiet and peaceful. There is a book listing each of these parks (some of which cross over with those types of campsites already listed but not all. We have stayed at quite a few and nevr had any issues. Depends what you want, peace and quiet or a rave.

To go to their site please click HERE


Don't believe they have many campsites (mostly cottages) but we have stayed at the Houghton Mill one and very nice it was to. Just an extra idea. Guarenteed to be lovely settings

To go to their site please click HERE


We aren't members but have stayed at quite a few. The friendly club. Often there is a shared responsibility with the Caravan and Motorhome club. I note when name-dropping that Julia Bradbury is President

To go to their site please click HERE